First International SIGNEC Conference,

8 & 9 July 2013

Chelsea Football Club, Fulham Road, London


1. Antenatal inflammation and the fetal gut

Dr Tim G.A.M Wolfs, Head of the Laboratory of Paediatrics, Maastricht University, the Netherlands

2. Effect of blood transfusion on gut perfusion and oxygenation of newborn infants

Dr Jayanta Banerjee, Clinical Research Fellow, Neonatal Unit, Homerton University Hospital, London

3. Volatile organic compounds and NEC

Dr Andy Ewer, Consultant in Neonatal Medicine, Birmingham Women’s Hospital

4. Research into gut development

Ingrid Renes, Laboratory of Pediatrics, Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

5. The traumatic journey

Joanne Ferguson, PPE Representative, Neonatal Clinical Reference Group

6. Necrotising enterocolitis: the one disease that is many.

Prof. Philip V. Gordon – Professor and Elsie Schaefer Chair of Neonatology, Tulane School of Medicine, USA

7. Development of intestinal immune regulation and NEC

Dr Joern-Hendrik Weitkamp, Assistant Professor of Paediatrics, Neonatal=Perinatal Medicine, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA

8. UKNC-NEC study

Dr Cheryl Battersby, Clinical Research Fellow, Neonatal Medicine, Imperial College, London

9. Surgical studies in NEC

Dr Simon Eaton, Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Surgery and Metabolic Biochemistry, Unit of Paediatric Surgery, UCL Institute of Child Health, London.

10. A network approach to reducing NEC: The East of England experience

Michele Upton, Innovation Lead, East of England Perinatal Networks

11. Antenatal inflammation and the compromised fetal gut: What are the clinical consequences?

Dr Tim G.A.M Wolfs, Head of the Laboratory of Paediatrics, Maastricht University, the Netherlands

12. Blood transfusion and NEC: causation or association?

Professor David A. Paul, Director of Neonatal Research, Christiana Care, Health System, Newark, Professor of Paediatrics, Thomas Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, USA.


Conference feedback

Excellent couple of days. GREAT to get so many diverse experts together.

Please continue to organise. These days are so valuable.

Great selection of speakers and exceptionally organised.

Fantastic day 1, hearing all the research around the world

Keep up the good work, these conferences are amazing (more students should attend).

Excellent event, will definitely come again next year! Please advertise more to Neonatal Nurses.

Fantastic conference, really enjoyed it and very inspiring.

Very enjoyable and interesting 2 days. I leave feeling more knowledgeable and updated.