26 & 27 September 2016

Chelsea Football Club, Fulham Road, London


1. Dietary supplementation with Retinoic Acid for the prevention of NEC

Prof. David J. Hackam MD, PhD, FACS, Chief of Pediatric Surgery, Johns Hopkins University, Garrett Professor of Pediatric Surgery, Surgeon in Chief and Co-Director, Bloomberg Children’s Center, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA.

2. The role of microRNAs in NEC

Dr Misty Good MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, Magee-Women’s Hospital, UPMC Newborn Medicine Program, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA

3. UK Neonatal collaborative NEC study

Dr Cheryl Battersby, Clinical Research Fellow, Neonatal Data Analysis Unit, Imperial College, London

4. Piglet model for spontaneous NEC mechanisms and clinically relevant interventions.

Professor Per Sangild PhD, DMSC, DVSc, Comparative Pediatrics and Nutrition, IKVH, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet), University of Copenhagen, Denmark

5. The trifecta for a severe mouse model of NEC: Formula feeds, hypoxia and NECteria

Dr Misty Good MD

6. The Paneth cell disruption model of NEC

Dr Steven J McElroy MD, Associate Professor, Division of Neonatology, Stead Family Department of Pediatrics, University of Iowa

7. Mouse model of human NEC with shared insights from non-human primates

Prof. David J. Hackam MD, PhD, FACS

8. Novel methods of stem cell therapy and probiotic administration for NEC. Rat model: Hypoxia/hypothermia/hypertonic feeds

Professor Gail E. Besner MD, H. William Clatworthy Professor of Pediatric Surgery Chief, Department of Pediatric Surgery Principal Investigator, Center for Perinatal Research, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

9. Panel discussion on laboratory models of NEC

Prof Kate Costeloe, Chair

Prof Per Sangild

Dr Misty Good,

Dr Steven McElroy,

Prof David J Hackam

Prof Gail Besner

10. The Morgan Leary Vaughan Fund: Our family’s story of survival, courage and strength

Stephanie Vaughan, Co-founder and President, the Morgan Leary Vaughan Fund, USA

11. Optimal time, diet and progression of enteral feeds in preterm infants to avoid NEC and induce sufficient development

Professor Per Sangild PhD, DMSC, DVSc

12. New insights into human milk composition and benefits for preterm infants

Professor Ruurd van Elburg, Professor of Early Life Nutrition, Emma Children’s Hospital AMC Amsterdam, Chief Scientific Officer Nutricia Research, Utrecht, the Netherlands

13. Using the voice, experience and insight of families to drive improvement.

Kate Branchett, Patient Voice and Insight Lead, West Midlands Strategic Clinical Networks, NHS England – West Midlands

14. Panel discussion among parents

How can neonatal teams best support families whose infants are at high risk of or develop NEC?

Kate Branchett

Joanne Ferguson

Catherine Miles

Stephanie Vaughan

15.  Blood transfusion and intestinal perfusion in preterm infants

Dr Narendra Aladangady PhD, FRCPCH, Consultant Neonatologist and Hon Reader in Child Health, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London

16. The role of ultrasound in surgical decision-making for NEC.

Professor Nigel Hall MRCPCH, FRCS (Paed), PhD, Associate Professor of Paediatric Surgery, University of Southampton, Consultant Paediatric and Neonatal Surgeon, Southampton Children’s Hospital

17. Introduction to the Necrotizing Enterocolitis Surgery Trial (NEST), USA

Prof Gail E Besner MD

18. The Evolution of the surgical treatment of NEC: from drainage equipoise to real life

Prof. David J. Hackam MD, PhD, FACS

19. The development of NEC and the gut-brain axis – more than gut feelings!

Professor Boris W. Kramer MD, PhD Professor of Experimental Perinatology, Maastricht University Medical Center, Director of Pediatric Research, the Netherlands. 



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Excellent couple of days. GREAT to get so many diverse experts together.

Please continue to organise. These days are so valuable.

Great selection of speakers and exceptionally organised.

Fantastic day 1, hearing all the research around the world

Keep up the good work, these conferences are amazing (more students should attend).

Excellent event, will definitely come again next year! Please advertise more to Neonatal Nurses.

Fantastic conference, really enjoyed it and very inspiring.

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